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CO2PRO™ Freeze freezer systems.

Proff Kulde delivers CO2PRO™ Freeze freezer systems for freezing fish and other foods on board fishing vessels or to land based manufactory industry. A pressure for quality in most processing, has caused a growing demand for freezer systems for players in the industry.
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Proff Kulde offers freezer systems fitted to your needs and we project and deliver in cooperation with our customer.

Characteristics and benefits:

  • CO2 as a refrigerant enables temperatures close to minus 50oC.
  • CO2 refrigerant has become an increasingly preferred choice for use in refrigeration systems. CO2 is not poisonous and doesn´t need fireproof EX zones.
  • CO2 is very well suited to use for heat recovery, freezing systems can be delivered with heat recovery as an option.
  • CO2PRO™ Freeze freezer systems can be projected and dimensioned to fit most needs.

Get in touch for an offer based on your freezing needs, and we will help find the right solution for you!

Proff Kulde - Produkter - CO2PRO_Freeze

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