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CO2PRO™ RSW-systems.

Through our own innovation, Proff Kulde has designed and developed CO2 RSW-systems that are available to the market. With financial support from the environmental technology scheme at Innovation Norway, Proff Kulde has developed a compact and eco-friendly RSW-system that can also be installed on board small fishing vessels. Our RSW-solution is becoming popular among shipowners and vessels that need a modern and sustainable system for chilling of fish. RSW-systems are well suited for the land-based fish industry that need good chilling capacity throughout the production process.
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The basic idea in our innovation project was to change the component that traditionally has made these kinds of systems unnecessary complex. Competing businesses used heat exchangers that historically was made for the oil- and gas industry. Proff Kulde has adapted the heat exchangers to meet the needs of the refrigeration industry, which enables a more compact design of the RSW-system and a cheaper production. The customers benefit through a better price.

The technical leader in Proff Kulde, Morten Andre Engen, explain some of the innovation: - Evaporators developed for oil- and gas industry is poorly suited for low flow (on the CO2-side) and draining of liquid and oil. Our new developed heat exchangers are adapted for this and allows us to halve the use of expensive high pressure refrigeration components.

Proff Kulde has developed a new type of evaporator for use in RSW-systems with CO2 as an eco-friendly refrigerant. An RSW-system is a chilling system that uses seawater to keep fish and other catch chilled on board fishing vessels until it gets delivered at the fish reception on land.

The authorities have enforced strict regulations for the use of gasses such as freon (R22) which was forbidden in 2015, and an increasing number of businesses choose to change into systems using CO2 as a refrigerant. Ammonia is sometimes used as a refrigerant in RSW-systems, but that´s usually in the bigger vessels. The compact and fitted design of Proff Kulde´s RSW-solution enables the use of RSW-systems for a larger part of the fishing fleet.

Review at Innovation Norway

Proff Kulde recieved a great review by Innovation Norway in the aftermath of the development project supported by the environmental technology scheme. In addition, the solution is published at the website The Explorer, which is Norway´s official marketing site for green technology.

Product review at the site The Explorer

The site The Explorer is Norway´s digital showcase for green and sustainable solutions, where the vision is to connect foreign businesses to Norwegian solutions. In 2020 Proff Kulde had a product review at the site explaining our innovative and sustainable RSW-solution for fishing vessels.

Proff Kulde - Produkter - CO2PRO™ RSW-anlegg

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