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Tailor-made refrigeration systems.

For several years Proff Kulde has focused on our own knowledge and own produced technology in the way we design and runs our refrigeration systems. In recent years we have developed a variety of tailor-made solutions where we together with the customer has arrived at the best product.
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Proff Kulde has employees with a high level of competence on many different areas. Together our technicians possess many decades of experience on problem solving and startups of complex chilling- and heat pump systems.

Our overall goal is to deliver chilling and heat technical facilities with as small as possible negative environmental effect. Through innovation and product development we will continue to develop our solutions in a way that will contribute to a greener business. Proff Kulde is unique in our competence on systems based on CO2 as a natural refrigerant and affiliated PLS-systems (control systems).

We work to achieve a change of attitude towards CO2 as a refrigerant. Our experience is that CO2 is a better alternative compared to traditional refrigerants than previously thought. We often have a negative experience with COP on ammonia installations, whereas CO2 works as well as, or better than expected. CO2 has often proved to be the best alternative regarding energy consumption per produced KW cold or heat. (Technical leader Morten A. Engen)

Proff Kulde is leading in the industry in our technology development, and we are always improving our components, the composition of our components, design, simplifications and streamlining of our building process and further development of our management processes. We consider our work unique and groundbreaking because our system design is a huge simplification (up to 40% less components in small systems) without any impact on efficiency and energy consumption.

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